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Cookies’ Social Impact Program is comprehensive. Our mission is to target issues crucial to creating a more equitable and accessible industry.

To accomplish this goal, we support social equity initiatives through public outreach, education and reinvestment in communities negatively impacted by the War on Drugs. We partner with local organizations already making positive impacts, helping to restore the livelihood of families and individuals while providing opportunities to advance careers.

A few of our partners

Shawn Richard
Shawn Richard (Retail Executive)

Shawn Richard is the CEO of the first dispensary in San Francisco’s Haight neighborhood, is the first ever licensed social equity applicant in San Francisco, and the 2nd in the United States. Shawn grew up near the Haight neighborhood in San Francisco, specifically, at the Boys Club (now known as the Boys and Girls Club), where he spent nearly every hour that he wasn’t at school. He began selling drugs at 13, was arrested, and spent three years at Folsom prison for dealing. After his release, he went back to selling drugs.
In 1995, Shawn’s little brother was gunned down, “trying to be like his big brother.” The devastating loss prompted Shawn to quit dealing. Shawn founded a nonprofit called Brothers Against Guns, which continues to reduce gun violence in the city today. Shawn also works to help other entrepreneurs succeed in cannabis with the San Francisco Equity group, an organization built around the idea that “lasting change comes from ownership.


Taba Moses

Taba Moses (Cannabis Pioneer)

Taba is the CEO of GreenSoul Organics (GSO). GreenSoul Organics is the first minority owned business to get a host community agreement (HCA) for cultivation in the state of Massachusetts. Taba’s early years growing up in The Port section of Cambridge, MA were deeply impacted by the war on drugs and ensuing mass incarceration. He was able to foresee the opportunities in cannabis and moved to Humboldt Co., CA to learn cannabis cultivation.
Taba has since applied his broad knowledge of cannabis, experience in real estate, and entrepreneurship to expertly navigate the post-prohibition cannabis industry. GSO has secured two prime retail dispensary locations and is partnering with Berner to open a Cookies affiliated location in the Boston area, which will be the first of its kind on the East Coast. Working with his business partner Richard “Mokey” Harding, president of the GSO Foundation, the non-profit division of GreenSoul Organics, Taba is fighting to ensure that social equity policy is effective in the communities, as intended. Taba and Mokey are making huge strides toward change in local policies to create equitable access to the industry.


Mark McCafferty (World Class Geneticist)

Mark is a gifted grower who delivers some of the most sought-after strains in the world. He founded Grandiflora in 2008, a microbusiness generating exotic high-quality flower, pre rolls, extracts, and edibles. Mark is one of Oakland’s first social equity applicant recipients and is known to breed some of the hottest genetics in cannabis.
Mark grew up in foster care and group homes in Oakland and Fremont, CA. Throughout his adolescence, he was constantly in trouble, and as a result ended up attending 14 different high schools, ultimately dropping out and later earning his GED. He has spent time in prison for dealing and transporting drugs. At 19, Mark was introduced to cannabis cultivation and immediately fell in love with the science of horticulture. Mark has since grown into one of the leading cannabis geneticists in the country and is a vocal champion of social equity within the cannabis industry.



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