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Pure, clean, natural cannabis expertly crafted for consistency. Raw garden cartridge also known as first cartridge are made from 100% Cannabis – no additives or artificial flavors, ever.

What is a raw Garden Cartridge?

Raw garden live resin is acquired from the best Cannabis flowers. Our distinctive harvesting process utilizes a state-of-the-art Cryogenic freezing technique to capture and lock in the whole essence of the Cannabis plant while it is still fresh and alive, before it can dry out and lose any of its natural flavors and aromas. At this point, we extricate the Cannabis oil from the solidified plants to form our oil cartridge and raw gardens products. All this makes our cartridge world 100% pure Cannabis oil and Cannabis terpenes – absolutely no added flavors, and no additives of any sort. Nothing artificial gets in the way of your consumption of Raw Garden.  Raw garden cartridge and pen only contain single-source cannabinoids and cannabis derived terpenes, just like it says on the box.
100% Cannabis Oil.
100% Cannabis Terpenes.
No fillers.
No added flavors.
No additives.

raw garden carts

Is raw Garden carts good?

Raw Garden cartridges use quality oil, great hardware, and are priced well. Raw Garden vape cartridges also known as first cartridge are one of the most foremost, high quality live resin carts in cannabis market. Their concentrates are extracted from quality flowers grown by experienced agriculturists in Santa Barbara County. Indeed, in spite the fact that raw garden carts are not costly, they did not go cheap on equipment. Raw Garden uses authentic CCELLs particularly the TH2. These have a glass body and a ceramic mouthpiece which grant a good kick in the hit that most the clones just don’t match up to. raw garden live resin cartridge has great quality oil. It’s a refined live resin that looks amazing and vapes smooth. raw garden cartridges Raw Garden cartridges aren’t as filled with terpenes as expected. Most solvent-based vape cartridges taste like air-freshener. But Raw Garden leaves a little bit of flower taste in there. There are a ton of vape cartridges that are from California, but there really isn’t any that come close to the cannabis oil produced by Raw Garden. Started since 2015, a group of researchers and cannabis cultivators produced what has become a leading standard for THC carts. Raw Garden is one of the tastiest THC oil cartridges in the cartridge world. It’s not the most potent THC cartridge, but it’s up there and deserves to be considered a high potency cartridge or first cartridge.

Is Raw Garden sativa or indica?

Raw Garden Live Resin Cartridge – Extreme Haze (Indica-Dominant Hybrid). Super Slime is a sativa-dominant live resin cartridge, superbly made by Raw Garden, expanding upon their Slymer Family, mixing it with Super Lemon Haze for a flavourful fuel and flavorsome citrus smoke.

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Does live resin make you high?

The labelling on Raw Garden vape cartridges have the words “high potency” on it. This label is caution for people with low THC tolerance. As someone who vapes regularly. The Raw garden cartridges pack a punch with THC content ranging on average 75-80%. One to two puffs until the vape battery cuts you off is more than enough to feel the effects of the THC. raw garden live resin cartridge box has instructions stating that a 2-4 second draw is suggested and to use caution when dosing. Asking about raw garden battery, the raw gardens box also indicate to use a matching battery. We created the ultimate guide to the best 510 thread vape batteries. Any vape battery that has a 510 connection can vape a Raw Garden cartridge. Although Raw Garden does offer their very own 510 connection vape battery.

How much is a 1-gram cart?

The foremost thing that sets Raw Garden apart from its contemporaries is the price point. Its concentrates tend to taken a toll essentially less than other brands with comparable products and quality. Raw Garden cartridges go for approximately $30 to $35 for 500 mg. The full gram of raw garden is $60 at most places. Compared to other brands, Raw Garden cartridges are one of the most affordable live resin carts. It is also advice to buy raw garden cartridge only at licensed dispensaries or the raw garden dispensary.

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Raw Garden Carts Flavors

After Party
Animas Mountain
Beary White
Blueberry Punch
Chemstomper #17
Citrus Valley F3
Cotton Candy Cookie
Dosi Punch
Fire OG
Funk N Fire
Galactic Punch Ready-to-Use
Galactic Punch
Sour Tangie
3 bears
Strawberry Chem
Blueberry Punch
Lime Mojito
Animas Badlands
Lime Drop
Strawberry Sunrise
Banana OG


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